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Best Quality Instruments

Indirect Ophthalmoscope Omega 500 Wireless With Battery Charger ( LED)


Product Specification

A new Dimension in comfort, performance and Flexibility

“Synchronized adjustment of convergence and parallax” for high quality, stereoscopic fundus images through any pupil size.

  • Multi-coated illumination system featuring a new XHL Xenon Halogen Technology bulb, reduces corneal reflexes and ensures clear,high-resolution images of the fundus which are up to 100% brighter.
  • The patented “synchronized adjustment of convergence and parallax “(US. Patent # 4,684,227), which allows for the precise selection of observation and illumination optics for any pupil size,has been optimized for even better functionality in small pupils down to 1.0mm.

Technical Specification:

  • Apertures and filters: can be “locked” into a desired position.
  • Increased PD Range: From 46-74mm.
  • Soft Touch Controls: All Key adjustment controls feature soft touch surfaces for precise and positive adjustment control.

Power sources 

1) mPack- Unplug

2) EN50-mpack,

3) HC50 and plug in transformer