Best Quality Instruments
Best Quality Instruments

Vertical Autoclave (Model No.VS1422 Auto,Brand:- Modern Surgical),MRP-2,00,000/-

200,000.00 140,000.00

1) Sterilizer Chamber———————20-25 Liter
2) Sterilizer Chamber Type—————-Circular
3) Working Pressure Of Chamber————15
4) Type Of Sterilizer Chamber Door——–Heavy Duty SS304, Hinged Door
5 ) Door Sealing ————————-By Elastomeric Rubber Gasket Suitable To Withstand Temperature Upto 140 Degree C & Pressure Upto 20-30 Psi
6) Available For Notifying—————-Temperature Sensor With Range 100°C To 300°C, Unit Should Be Provided With A Low Water Alarm System As Well As Steam Release Valves And Safety Valves
7) Working Temperature—–121 Degree Celsius

8) Range Of Pressure Gauge —-30 Pound Per Sqare Inch

9) Accessories———— Water Level Indicator ,Water Inlet & Outlet Valves ,Automatic Pressure Control Switch ,Mechanical Timer ,Manual Water Filling & Removal ,The Unit Having A Wet Heater Fitted At The Bottom And With Capacity More Than 4500 W With Water Capacity In Litres More Than 120 L

10) Compliance Of Chamber—–Chamber Pressure Equipment Directives(Ped)

11) Warranty—1 Year

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