Best Quality Instruments
Best Quality Instruments


Accurate LED Vision Testing Charts

Modern Surgical is one of the few names you can trust if you are looking for LED Vision testing Charts that are professionally designed to ensure their accuracy. They have the latest and most innovative features which make them more efficient. We continually strive to improve our stock of LED vision testing charts to find one according to your eye testing needs. They can be used by both adults and children and can be operated with or without cords.

Buy High-Quality Trial Boxes at Affordable Prices

You can approach us for a high-quality and durable trial box in Kolkata. We offer a wide variety of trial boxes with metal rim and portable case. The box contains lenses arranged in pairs. The doctor might block one eye when using these lenses to measure one’s vision, so our trial lenses are effective. They might ask you to look in certain directions as they conduct the examination. If you already wear corrective lenses, the test results will tell them whether you have to change your glasses.

Few Reasons to Choose Our LED Vision Testing Charts

  • Helps in identifying human eyes with colour blindness and measure the level of visual acuity.
  • Our LED vision testing charts are flexible, so using them is quite easy compared to other eye instruments.
  • All the charts have pictures, patterns and letters and can be used to measure distance vision.
  • Helps ophthalmologists identify early signs of disease or changes in vision.

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