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Medical Surgical Instruments Comes in Wide Range for Different Procedures

The beginning of medical and surgical equipment dates back thousands of years in various private practices and ancient care giving facilities. Those were not recognised as hospital facilities of this time. They were more like in-house facilities in a doctor’s or medical expert’s private clinic or house. However, medical surgical instruments have been playing a vital role in making the surgeries and other treatment procedures easier for the doctors as well as the patients.

Items like Bi-manual I/A Phaco Hand Pieces are widely used for cataract treatment all over the world. Apart from that, there are other instruments that are also worldwide popular to perform various medical surgeries, including ophthalmic treatment procedures.

Different Instruments for Different Procedures

Medical surgical instruments are used in almost all categories of medicine. Whether it is dentistry, ophthalmology, cardiovascular, or dermatology, you can see the application and importance of different types of medical surgical instruments to perform various types of treatments; mostly surgical processes.

These instruments can be used for general procedures or something specific with a particular treatment intention.

How to Buy the Right Product?

It is important to buy the right product to ensure that you will provide the patients with safe and reliable surgical treatments. This is why you should buy medical surgical instruments only from trusted and reputable suppliers. Only the renowned brands of these instruments should be trusted for better and safer services.

You need to classify your medical surgical instrument based on the type of surgery you are going to perform. Is it a cataract operation or a brain surgery, or a dental implant? The instruments required for gall bladder operation may not be effective enough to remove the cataract from your eyes. Similarly, Gonioscope Lens is good for ophthalmic treatment procedures but not for ob-gyn care.

Points to Keep in Mind

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while buying top-quality medical surgical instruments for your hospital, medical care unit, or private clinic.

  • Be specific with your requirements.
  • Understand the use of the instrument well.
  • Choose the top brands with a good reputation.
  • Choose the correct supplier for trusted products.

Modern Surgical is a famous company for delivering the best quality medical surgical instruments. We provide a wide range of instruments to our clients as per their needs. Please get in touch with us for more information.

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Easy Way to Use Slit Lamp: Know the Basic Approach

The slit lamp is one of the most important pieces of equipment for optometry. Whether you are new in this field, have joined the optometry school recently or have vast experience as a professional – it is always required to have complete knowledge about all the latest technologies and equipment used in this field. With the advent of modern technologies, slit lamps have become more effective and accurate.

Hence, it is necessary to learn how to use modern slip lamps and find the right results for better diagnosis of patients. If you are not aware of the latest use of slit lamps, you will not be able to provide your patients with flawless treatment.

Understanding the Basic Approach

A slit lamp is a microscope that has a bright light used to examine the eyes of patients. The ophthalmologist can have a closer and clearer look at every part of the eyes when they see them through the microscope. The light coming out from the slit lamp will help the ophthalmologists to have a clear view of iris heterochromia, periorbital neoplasms, and heterotopias. 

To get the best view of all these parts of your eyes, you must help the patient be at the right position with the microscope. 

It is crucial to know how to keep the illumination technique in line while using the lamp to check the eyes of your patients. For beginners, it might seem quite confusing and challenging to understand each setting of lighting and its correct uses. Sometimes, it can also be difficult to remember how to achieve the desired setting of illumination while observing a patient. 

Nonetheless, there is nothing that can be more helpful than hard work and patience. Once you learn the process, all you need to have more and more practice to gain confidence.

Process of Using Slit Lamp Lighting Technique

Increasing the intensity of the light will help you as an ophthalmologist to get a clear view of your patient’s eyes, but it can be highly uncomfortable for them. If you want to increase this light during the examination, you should let your patient know and be mentally prepared for this.

Some of the common lighting techniques are;

  1. Diffuse illumination
  2. Sclerotic scatter
  3. Retroillumination 

You should also be aware of the use of red-free filters, cobalt blue filters and yellow barrier filters while checking your patients.

At Modern Surgical, we provide our clients with advanced models of slit lamps in India. If you need the best quality surgical and ophthalmological equipment, you can get in touch with us.

Eye testing instruments Modern Surgical Instruments

Know the Benefits of Using Volk and Ocular Lenses

The world of ophthalmology has witnessed a lot of changes since its introduction in modern medical science. Thanks to advanced medical engineering and technologies, it has received a lot of improvement and fresh techniques. The use of highly functional microscopes to determine various eye issues makes things easier for professionals. They can determine the ailments clearly and offer a better diagnosis to their patients.

Why are Good Lenses Required?

For optometric treatment, correct diagnosis is imperative. To get the flawless results of various eye examinations, the experts need the right kind of equipment. The role of good quality lenses to obtain correct results of eye tests is crucial. Premium lenses help the experts to see suspicious lesions that may not be visible with a direct ophthalmoscope.

When the ophthalmologist suspects pathology, the use of Volk lens becomes unquestionable. Though there are different types of lenses available in the market, experts choose the most efficient one to obtain flawless outputs.

What is Volk Lens?

Volk is the name of the company that manufactures these lenses. The popularity of this brand is so high that fundus biomicroscopy lenses are known to become popular with the name Volk Lenses.

These lenses aid the experts in detecting suspicious lesions that are tough to detect otherwise. They are considered excellent diagnostic lenses in the field of ophthalmology.

What is Ocular Lens?

An ocular lens is also known as an eyepiece which is actually a magnifier. This lens can be attached to a variety of optical devices. You can see them with both telescopes and microscopes. It remains closest to the eyes when you are looking through the device. 

The lens helps the pathology experts to get a closer view of objects while determining various pathological items. The magnifying form of the object helps them to understand what is there and what it is doing.

How to Buy the Right Product?

If you want to buy best quality Volk and Ocular lenses in Kolkata for your ophthalmologic centre, eye hospital, or pathology, you need to look for the best supplier. You can shop by brand when you go to the right place. 

Modern Surgical is a family-owned business that is well-known for importing and supplying good quality surgical and ophthalmic instruments. Please get in touch with us to know in detail.

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Know about the Slit Lamp and its Essential Features

A slit lamp is one of the most effective ophthalmological instruments, a high-intensity source of light used for eye treatment. The doctors focus it on a thin, light sheet and then into the eyes. The eye specialist will use it to examine the interior of the eyes, including the cornea. You can purchase this equipment from reputable medical equipment stores for the best quality slit lamp in India.

The Slit Lamp: An Ophthalmic Equipment  

The ophthalmologist will use this tool to determine eye health and detect eye diseases, if there are any. It helps with accurate eye diagnosis after careful examination. Recent developments have led to its extensive usage by optical physicists. Therefore, it has become a staple object of need for contact lens opticians.  

The Goldmann or Volk lenses are suitable for inspecting the eye interiors like the posterior section, the retina and the vitreous. With the slit lamp, you can closely examine the front portion of the eyes, also the an6terior segment, especially known as the cornea.   

Therefore, the slit lamp aids with the medical examination of the following eye parts – 

  • The sclera 
  • Lens 
  • The cornea 
  • Back of the eye like optic nerve and retina

Essential Features of a High-Quality Slit Lamp

   1. Illumination  

The slit lamps have two types of illumination –  “Zeiss” or the integrated illumination type and the tower type illumination, also called “Haag Streit”. In the Haag Streit style, you get the light source from the top portion of the instrument. In the Zeiss style, the light source supply is from the base. The practitioner and ophthalmologist will prefer the instrument type as per their preference.  The illumination techniques vary, like diffuse/direct, retro, focal slit illumination, focal broad beam, specular reflection, sclerotic scatter, etc. This is to view the eye structure and the tissues.

  2. Width/ Length 

It deals with the adjustment feature of the slit lamp. Similar to the power of magnification, you can adjust the slit length and width for different stages of eye observation.  In Van Herick’s technique, you require a 60° slit to measure the anterior chamber angle and 6x-10x magnification into the limbus.

  3. Magnification Power

A slit lamp with high magnifying power is highly essential. You require at least 20X magnification for a brilliant performance of the equipment. The ophthalmologists like to begin the eye examination with a larger view and then adjust it at special interest areas.

  4. Light source 

Modern varieties of the slit lamp come with LED light bulbs and other halogen source options for illumination. LED lights offer a cool view of the retina, making it easy for the doctor to observe. The slit lamps do not come with a heated light, or else the patient will feel uncomfortable.  

Consult Modern Surgical, a reputable importer and distributor of high-quality hospital and medical equipment. They sell a range of top standard equipment, which guarantee long term usage.    

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Five Modern Ophthalmic Instruments to Know about

The eyes are one of the most vital sensory organs. While eye ailments are a common occurrence, ophthalmologists find it challenging to treat these delicate organs. Therefore, one should appreciate the advent of modern ophthalmic instruments, which has made eye surgeries a huge success. The doctors can quickly detect the problem and treat it with precision and expertise. To diagnose explicit conditions, conducting eye examinations is necessary for better optical treatment. 

The optical checkup centers are well-equipped with modern optical instruments for better patient care. They are highly utilitarian with features like laser and digital imaging technology. The Ophthalmoscope is another fundamental eye surgical tool for cornea examination. All this has made optical treatment easy and effective.  

Types of Modern Ophthalmic Instruments

 1. Retinal Camera 

This is a fundal camera with a low-power microscope, highly specialised and set with a camera to take pictures of the eye’s interior surface. The doctor can closely look at the macula, retina, optic disc, posterior pole, and others. They offer high-definition photos for the ophthalmologists to diagnose the progress of the eye condition.  

 2. Corneal Cell Counter 

This is an advanced microscope for imaging to examine the internal eye structure of the patient. Embedded with advanced spatial techniques, it can take images of three-dimensional structures. It helps in monitoring diseases, conducting automatic cell analyses, and other functions.

 3. Wavefront Aberrometer 

This equipment combines different imaging technologies like keratometry, autorefraction, pupillometry, topography, and more. This instrument successfully detects eye aberrations. You can display the images on the LCD screen at high contrast for better analyses.

 4. Laser Ophthalmoscope 

These are small handheld devices that the doctors use to shine a light on the patient’s eyes. This happens during routine eye examinations. The specialist can take a look inside your eye with this equipment. Laser Ophthalmoscopes are upgraded versions that allow more detailed eye examinations with 100% accuracy.

 5. Photocoagulation Laser 

A kind of optical surgery is called photocoagulation. It is utilised in treating macular degeneration and retinopathy.  A common photocoagulation laser is the Nd: YAG laser (neodymium-doped yttrium-aluminum-garnet). During the surgery, the doctors can make ultra-precise cuts without damaging the healthy eye tissues. 

High Quality modernised eye equipment ensures complete comfort and convenience for the patients. With these, the eye specialist can diagnose the patient’s condition for proper treatment and long-term cure. For more varieties of ophthalmic instruments, consult Modern Surgical for their high-quality products at affordable prices. 

Eye testing instruments Modern Surgical Instruments

Buying Eye-Testing Instruments in Kolkata: How to Get the Best Ones?

If you are looking for top quality eye-testing instruments for your eye clinic, you should know where to get the best products. You can find many companies that manufacture and supply quality eye testing instruments in Kolkata to hospitals, ophthalmic clinics and nursing homes. These organisations use modern technologies to design and manufacture such advanced equipment.

Choosing the right distributors among all the available ones can be a tough task for you. Too many options will make people confused. Here are a few factors to consider while opting for the right importers and distributors of eye testing instruments in Kolkata.

Some Important Factors to Consider

  • Experience is Important

It is imperative to look for a name that has vast experience in the industry of surgical and medical instrument supply and distribution. You should deal with companies that have been importing and distributing high-quality surgical equipment all over the country for many years. Their experience is evidence of their credibility as a seller and distributor.

  • Range of Products

A company that can import and distribute a vast range of products to meet the versatile needs of the market can definitely be your right choice. You should check their stock of eye testing instruments before placing your order. If the company can provide you with all the latest and finest quality equipment, you can have a deal with them.

  • The reputation of the Brand

Dealers and distributors of branded surgical instruments have a strong reputation in the market. These companies never misuse their reputation and always try to enhance it in the market. Hence, they always care to offer the best quality products to their regular and new clients. Therefore, checking the reputation of the brand is another big factor.

  • Price of the Products

Before you finalise the deal with any of these companies, you must get free quotes from the top 5 distributors to obtain a lucrative deal. Compare their quotes and prices so that you can have the most affordable deal for eye testing instruments and other surgical devices in Kolkata.

Modern Surgical is a trusted name in this field. This is a Kolkata-based company. We are a noted importer and distributor of top brand surgical instruments, including advanced eye testing devices.

We supply our products at various nursing homes, hospitals and private clinics.

If you wish to get more information about our range of products, please get in touch with us.

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4 Easy Steps to Care Ophthalmic Instruments

People who use ophthalmic instruments daily in their clinics know how to take good care of them. It is crucial to care for those instruments without any fail. Poor maintenance or less care can cause damages to these tools, which will reduce their efficiency and can lead to serious issues for the patients as well.

Hence, proper care and maintenance are highly required to avoid healthcare-related infections. If you are one of them who wants to buy the best Ophthalmic instruments in Kolkata for regular use, you should be aware of their care plans as well.

How to Take Regular Care of Ophthalmic Instruments

  • Decontamination with Proper Cleaning

It is highly essential to clean all the medical and surgical instruments thoroughly after every use to make them infection-free. Decontamination is an essential part of using surgical instruments in a risk-free manner. Use clean pieces of cloth, cotton, sterile and other chemicals (as suggested by the manufacturers) for this cleaning process.

  • Sterilising the Instruments

For surgical and medical instruments, cleaning with water or a brush is not enough. To get rid of those blood drops, debris on the surface and germs, you must sterilise each one of them. It can be done through different methods. Heating or chemical sterilisation are common procedures. Some of the users also try steam sterilisation.

  • Proper Storage

Apart from regular cleaning and disinfection, you need to be clear about the proper storage of these instruments. Keeping them unattended and improperly will increase the risks of spreading infections. Every time, after using the instrument, you need to clean it and put it in the right box in the right manner to avoid risks.

  • Sterile Storage

Sterilisation peel pouches are the most common product for sterile storage. If you use small and lightweight instruments, these pouches are ideal. It is necessary to choose the appropriate size of the pouch to allow the correct circulation of the steam and obtain the best possible sterilisation for your ophthalmic instruments.

When you buy products from the most reliable and experienced manufacturers, you can obtain their advice on how to clean and maintain these items. Following their instructions will make your job easier by all means.

Modern Surgical is a famous name in the industry of medical and surgical instruments manufacturing in Kolkata. If you wish to buy the best quality products for your clinic or hospital, kindly get in touch with us.

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Know the Uses of Improved Ophthalmic Instruments in the Eye Care World

Innovations and the use of the latest technology have taken the world to a new level. In every segment of life, technological inventions have their strong influence. And eye care world or ophthalmic industry including the ophthalmic medical supply industry is no different. The industry deals with the manufacturing of sophisticated devices and tools so ophthalmologists and optometrists can better serve their patients. The market of ophthalmic medical supply is getting expanded over time owing to the development of safe and unique equipment in this concerned niche. 

  • Use of Sophisticated Battery-operated Intraocular Lens Power Calculator 

There are many ophthalmic instruments in Kolkata that have made it easier and safer for eye care professionals to do their job. Battery-operated intraocular lens power calculators are one of the most significant of them. Also known as IOL calculators, the use of this tool is quite significant for professionals dealing with patients with eye issues. IOL calculators are used for ophthalmic examination of the patients for particular requirements. 

  • Usage of IOL 

AL measurement – The tools offer better and clearer scope to the ophthalmologists so they can measure precise AL (axial length) of the eyes. In fact, the calculators skilfully help the surgeon to take measurements with better accuracy. Proper measurement of AL is highly important for cataract surgeries. The equipment helps the professionals better operate cataracts of the patients having a history of refractive surgery. The AL is the assessed distance between the cornea’s anterior surface and Fovea. And knowing the proper distance plays an important role in the proper calculation of IOL. The calculators are a great innovation. They help eye surgeons measure various values fast and conveniently. 

  • Other Important Values 

To find out the power of the lenses, eye specialists have to know some more values. Apart from the AL of the eyes. The anterior chamber constant or A-constant, corneal power or K and estimated lens position of ELP are other important factors that the surgeons should know before lens implantation. The lens producer should be provided with the A-constant value so the person can add the right value to the lens. 

With the growth in the ophthalmic industry, doctors are getting the opportunity to better serve their patients utilizing better instrumentation techniques. Being a perfect combination of industrialization and quality, the industry has bought a revolution for eye treatment options. 

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All you Need to Know Before Buying Ophthalmic Instruments

As it comes to buying ophthalmic instruments, price is not the only thing to consider. Reliability, quality, warranty, services, after-sales support, reputation are the other things you need to look for. Such equipment is a valuable investment for eye specialists and optometrists. Unless the devices work properly, the health of the practice of the professionals will be affected. However, getting the right equipment need a bit of research. You need to check some important factors to ensure buying the right thing. 

Things to Consider before Choosing Ophthalmic Instruments

Before you buy any ophthalmic instrument, have a look at the following factors. 

1. New or used product

New products are available with a warranty. Also, the company manufacturing the products will be there to help you with any difficulties faced while operating the equipment. On the other hand, used Ophthalmic instruments in Kolkata don’t have such supports. But they ensure high monetary rewards. While buying new items, shop around not only for the price but also for the company’s reputation. You may ask your peers for references. In the case of used products, the seller should have a well-documented history of service regarding proper maintenance of the product all through his/her ownership. Many online portals sell used ophthalmic equipment with standard documentation, proper return policy, and limited warranty. Look for such items and reduce the burden of risky buying.

 2. Service and warranty

In case of a large purchase, a warranty is the most important thing to consider. Maintaining the health of the devices is vital. This is the key to make the investments last. Warranties from upstanding companies are more valued than ones from relatively less-known suppliers. Ask yourself a few questions before making a buying decision.

  • Is the seller reputable?
  • Does the company have an exclusive service department?
  • Do they accept on-site calls?
  • What warranty does the company provide?
  • Which items are covered under the warranty?
  • What is the duration of the warranty?
  • Does the company have its own repair cell or depend on a third party?
  • What is its return policy?

3. Pricing

Buying Ophthalmic instruments in Kolkata is a serious and expensive decision. You should have a clear idea about the return on investment over time. If a dated model of the equipment can perform essential functions, you can save a lot by buying that used item. However, the safety and security of the new items under warranty are worth the additional costs. Price definitely matters. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be the only factor to consider while making such an important decision of buying ophthalmic equipment.

There are many factors that you must consider while making a large purchase for your practice. And ophthalmic instruments are one of the most important of them.

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How to Sterilize Medical Instruments and the Benefits of it?

Sterilizing medical instruments is a must to ensure the safety of the patients, medical professionals, and the planet. The equipment should be kept clean and sterilized every time it is being used. However, the process of cleaning has to be effective. Otherwise, the chances of a disease spreading will be there. Get proper equipment from a leading sterilization equipment supplier in Kolkata.

Process of Sterilizing Medical Instruments 

To prevent the spreading of different ailments, hospitals and nursing facilities usually have an attack plan. This plan of attack or germ warfare agenda follows a few steps in a precise order. Let’s have a look at them. 

  • Cleaning – This is the foremost step as it comes to keeping healthcare tools disinfected. After the process is done, a vigorous disinfecting process takes place. 
  • Disinfecting – The next step is disinfecting the instruments. Usually, liquid chemicals are used for killing non-spore-forming germs and bacteria.
  • Sterilizing – Finally, it comes to sterilization. There are many methods of sterilization. The process is meant for killing disease-causing bacteria and other microorganisms. It also ensures the elimination of transmissible organisms like spores and bacteria. 

The process of disinfection or sterilization depends on the usage of the tools and instruments. Whether it needs low-level disinfection, high-level sterilization or high-level disinfection depends on the types of the objects mentioned below:

  • Critical items – Equipment that comes in contact with the sterile tissues
  • Non-critical items – A stethoscope that comes in contact with intact skin
  • Semi-critical items – An endoscope coming in contact with mucous membrane

Benefits of Sterilization 

In case of invasive medical procedures, the mucous membranes or the sterile tissues come in contact with the surgical instruments. This generates the risk of the introduction of pathogenic microbes that may result in a serious infection. If you don’t sterilize the instruments properly, the chance of infection gets increased. And this is harmful to both the medical professionals and the patients. So, the germs must be destroyed. Let’s have a quick look at the major benefits of sterilizing medical instruments. 

  • Elimination of blood, pus, dirt, and various foreign objects that might lead to severe complication for the next patient coming for surgery and the same equipment is being used
  • Removal of the breeding ground for the germs is ensured
  • Reduction of bioburden or the number of non-sterilized germs is another good advantage 
  • Safe transportation of the instruments to be packed and or assembled for disinfection or sterilization is guaranteed

In a nutshell, both disinfection and sterilization ensure the safe use of invasive and non-invasive medical instruments.